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Chinese & Japanese 

Stack Room 

Chinese & Japanese Collections are arranged by Classification Scheme for Chinese Libraries

Bound Periodical Area

1.Overdue Chinese / Japanese periodicals are arranged in names

2.Overdue Western periodicals are arranged in alphabet (J-Z)

Reference Area

Include dictionaries, statistics, books of law, encyclopedias, maps, and introduction of domestic and foreign universities, etc.

Theses & Dissertations Area






Newspaper Reading Area

Newspapers of the day are collected.

Western Stack Room

Western collections are arranged by Dewey Decimal Collection

Current Issue Periodical Area

1. Specialty periodicals are arranged in courses.

2. Ordinary periodicals are arranged in names and alphabet.

Western Bound

Periodical Area 

Overdue Western periodicals are arranged in alphabet.

Self-learning Center


Comic Book Area



Circulation Desk

1.   1. Circulation service

2.   2. Locker keys

3. Copy card

4. Application for circulation cards (Except current faculty)

5. Information 

Information Access Area

1. More than 200 kinds of online databases and CD-Roms.

2. Reference counseling service

OPAC Access Area

Computers are provided to search on the online public access catalog.

New Arrivals Display Shelf

New books are displayed every week.

New books can be reserved by OPAC system

Best Sellers Display


Training Room


Theses & Dissertations




Multimedia Room

various videos, LDs, CDs, VCDs, DVDs, and tapes.

Audiovisual equipment is provided to appreciate audiovisual collections.

Reading Room

Room for reading

Do not eat, drink, or use mobile phones in this area