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Interlibrary Loan


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To help the research faculty get the information and data
What is Interlibrary Loan
Through interlibrary loan, you can apply to borrow or obtain copies of materials not included in our library collections. The Library participates in agreements of cooperation with many libraries in Taiwan and abroad.
You can get your data and pay the charge in Reference desk in 2-5 days after the application.
Only the faculty of NTUT can apply this service, and it will need one or two days to examine.  After you receive our check mail, please apply online. 
Please write the correct E-mail address in order to get any information or notice.
Please make sure that the data you need aren��t in our collections and E-periodicals.
Find out where to get the data you need in the system, and fill up the form to ask for copy of the data. (You can click the search button to check which library has the data you need.)
This service can also be used on books, meeting presentation, and theses you need.
Loan & Return
Fill up the forms on the website as previous remarks. You can also find out which library has the data by ��References Website Entrance�� and ��How to Get the Original References?�� two items.
Loan by readers
(1) Interlibrary Loan between Domestic Colleges
NTUT library has cooperation with nine university libraries and one particular library. Apply for the circulation card of other colleges with your own card at the Reference Desk.  Each card can borrow five books for a 21-30 days from each library. Names of these universities are as followed:
National Taiwan University
National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
National Taiwan Normal University
National Chengchi University
Fu-Jen Catholic University
Soochow University
Tatung University
China University of Technology
Vanung University
Fu Sin-nien Library in Academia Sinica
2Interlibrary Loan between 36 Colleges of Technology in Northern Taiwan
You can borrow books from these libraries with the circulation card of NTUT.    You can check out 3 books for at least 14 days, but you can��t make extension or reservation on these books.
Names of these colleges of technology are as followed:
Chang Gung Institute of Technology
Hwa Hsia Institute of Technology
Lan Yang Institute of Technology
Takming College
China Institute of Technology
Ching Kuo Institute of Management & Health
Mingchi University of Technology
Tung Nan Institute of Technology
China College of Marine Technology & Commerce
Chihlee Institute of Technology
Mackay Medicine, Nursing and Management College
National Taipei University of Technology
China University of Technology
Jin Wen Institute of Technology
Ming Hsin University of Science & Technology
National Taiwan Junior College of Performing Art
Hsing Wu College
Chungyu Institute of Technology
Northern Taiwan Institute of Science & Technology
National Taiwan University of Science & Technology
Ching Yun University
Kang-Ning Junior College of Medical Care & Management
Nanya Institute of Technology
Vanung University
Ta Hwa Institute of Technology
Cardinal Tien College of Nursing
St. John��s University
Yuanpei Institute of Science & Technology
Dahan Institute of Technology
Lee-Ming Institute of Technology
National Taipei College of Business
Oriental Institute of Technology
De Lin Institute of Technology
Lunghwa University of Science & Technology
National Taipei College of Nursing
Tzuchi College of Technology
(3)Interlibrary Loan between National Colleges of Technology  
Only  teachers  can c hange the  cards  of Academia Sinica. Each card can loan ten books for a month.  
Items Costs
Periodical theses
NT$ 450 for 1-30 pages, 
NT$ 650 for 31-60 pages, 
NT$ 850 for 60pages
UMI Theses  NT$ 2400 for each. (softcover)
Others  Charge according to other department��s standard
�@Attentive Points
1.      Please consider the universities prior and write down two or three other posterior departments.
2.      Read the table of each department��s charge items first. The documents can be sent by post offices or transmitted by the ARIEL method, which transfer the scanning document by Internet.
3.      To obtain documents after the noticed e-mail on the first floor during open hours. 
�@Service & Help  
Tel:886-2-27712171 ext. 3100.